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As a result of the economic conditions experienced over the past few years, many commercial properties are at risk of foreclosure.  Commercial loans, previously originated under vastly different economic conditions, no longer fit many of today’s changing real estate environments. 

Some properties are struggling with the failing businesses of their tenants or low occupancy rates, while others are faced with a maturing loan undermined by an absence of refinancing options due to illiquidity in the credit markets.

Due to a combination of circumstances, most of which are typically beyond the control of the borrower, an overwhelming amount of commercial property owners are in dire need of an alternative to losing their property to foreclosure.  Many commercial loan borrowers are unaware of options immediately available to them that can save their property. A commercial loan resolution agreement can restructure an existing debt load to manageable levels, modify repayment terms, or even satisfy debts in full at considerable discounts to the originated loan balance.

Lenders and Special Servicer are restructuring debt and approving alternative resolutions over foreclosures every day with Alliance Commercial Group.

Alliance Commercial Group is committed to helping save your commercial property.
We are one of the nation's few commercial loan modification companies with years of experience and proven success in an evolving market. We routinely develop successful agreements between lenders and borrowers, both of whom are seeking amicable, less costly alternatives to foreclosures and failing bank-owned assets.  

Has the relationship between you and lender (or special servicer) turned counter-productive?  Have the lines of communication with the bank been strained or severed entirely? Has foreclosure been filed?

Alliance has established credible relationships with all of the nation’s major CMBS special servicers. Our focused professionals can facilitate a dialogue geared toward effectuating an agreement that is in the best interests of both the Lender Group and the Borrower Group, all while avoiding foreclosure. 

The path to a successful resolution is only a phone call away. Put our team’s experience to work today and save your property from foreclosure.

Services Overview

If your commercial property is at risk of falling behind on payments or has already fallen into default, Alliance Commercial Group can help. Whether your commercial loan is nearing or has past its maturity date…or if you have been feeding an underperforming property out of pocket just to keep it afloat…

Alliance Commercial Group can offer a solution that is right for your commercial property.