Our Work Team

Jeramie P. Concklin
Chief Executive Officer

Keith A. Hale
Vice President

Honor B. Rodgers
General Counsel

Ali M. Raveling
Portfolio Manager

A Few Words About Us

Every day, more and more businesses are failing and commercial properties are facing foreclosure. In the wake of the recent economic recession, many commercial properties are strained for cash flow and cannot keep pace with mortgage payments.  Tenants themselves are often struggling to pay rents or must contend with the difficult decision to break their leases outright. In other cases, an adequate volume of prospective occupants is no longer there. To make matters worse, commercial property values across the country have plummeted in recent years, making refinancing a veritable impossibility.

Alliance Commercial Group can help. We will evaluate your current financial conditions and develop a customized resolution strategy to save your property from foreclosure while setting it on a path to fiscal recovery.

Alliance Commercial Group employs focused business professionals who possess experience working with lenders and special servicers. Our team possesses the unique knowledge and abilities necessary to plan and execute loan modification plans with the special servicers and keep commercial assets out of foreclosure. 

Our organization is one of the nation's leading commercial loan modification firms. Alliance employs a professional team made up of MBA's and Real Estate Financial Professionals; each of whom brings an invaluable skill set and unique qualifications to the table. Our key contributors pool together experience highlights from the areas of finance, commercial loan servicing, writing/composition, commercial real estate operations, law, and strategic negotiations.

Mission Statement

Alliance Commercial Group will serve the commercial real estate industry by functioning as a conduit through which lenders and property owners will successfully reach mutually amicable agreements over distressed assets at risk of foreclosure. Through the creation of these agreements, Alliance will aid the long-term stabilization of the nation’s economy by mitigating the losses of investing bondholders while simultaneously allowing owners of distressed commercial assets to keep their properties fiscally secure.

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