Loan Modification

If you have a commercial property where the mortgage is coming due, and you are finding it difficult to refinance with your current lender or have been turned down by new lenders, Alliance Commercial Group can help. Our experts can offer a solution that can extend the term of the loan or lower the interest rates resulting in lower payments or an extended due date. There are costs and fees associated with a loan modification for which your company will be responsible.

All property taxes must be current or your company must be participating in an approved payment plan with your taxing authority to be eligible for a modification. Any additional liens or mortgages must agree to be subordinate to the first mortgage. All requests are subject to the lender's approval.

Selecting a Company

Choosing the right firm to represent you is very important. When your commercial property is at risk, the same care should be taken in selecting the firm that represents you as you would take in selecting a surgeon to do a life saving procedure.

Our Approach

First we evaluate the relevant financial information, including your current income and expense report, current rent roll with lease expiration dates for all tenants, profit and loss calculations, any past or recent appraisal, etc. We analytically and systematically model your financial information to get an overall picture of your asset's performance and potential.