Selecting a Company

Doing a commercial loan modification is a complicated and labor intensive job. In addition to having a vast knowledge and familiarity of commercial real estate and commercial mortgages, the firm doing modifications and mitigation needs expertise in accounting, general business practices as well as commercial real estate.

Choosing the right firm to represent you is very important. When your commercial property is at risk, the same care should be taken in selecting the firm that represents you as you would take in selecting a surgeon to do a life saving procedure.

Once you lose your property, you don't get it back. You want a firm that has experience and specializes in commercial property loan modification and mitigation. You want a firm that has a team composed of MBAs, Accountants as well as Real Estate professionals.

Although the economy is suffering now and commercial real estate is down, it will get better eventually. Commercial property owners who want to save their property can do so by hiring an experienced and competent commercial loan modification firm.

Here are some guidelines for selecting a commercial loan modification firm:

1. Make sure the firm clearly explains the process they use.

2. Ensure the loan modification firm retains MBAs, accountants and Real Estate Professionals on staff.

3. Does the firm specialize only in commercial loan modifications (as opposed to residential loan modifications)?

4. Does the firm have lawyers on staff?

5. Does the firm have positive press in reputable publications?

6. Has the firm published articles in industry journals or websites?

7. Find out if the firm has any experience with the lender/bank who holds your mortgage (this is not a must but is a plus if they do).

Alliance Commercial Group makes it easy for you!

Our in-house MBAs, Real Estate Professionals and Accountants do all the work.

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